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Will people ever stop using receipts to be jerks to each other? A server in Oklahoma had an unpleasant end to a shift when a customer left a nasty note instead of a tip, KFOR reports.

Taylor Stewart, who works at an IHOP in the city of Enid, says she served a man and three kids at the end of a double shift on Monday night. When she went to pick up the check, she discovered a note on the check that she thought said “gray is wrong”; puzzled, she showed it to her girlfriend, who pointed out it actually said “gay is wrong.”

"I was just shocked. I was more shocked than hurt, but I mean it did hurt," Stewart told the news station. She says she messed up part of the table’s order, but later fixed the error — and certainly getting the wrong pancakes isn’t a reason to leave a grotesquely discriminatory message. The station was unable to track down the customer for comment.

Unfortunately, there’s a vast history of both restaurant employees and patrons taking their frustrations or opinions out on receipts in the most passive-aggressive form possible. A diner in London recently discovered a staffer had printed a racial slur printed on her restaurant tab, while an impatient customer in California left another nasty slur in place of a tip.