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New Emoji Update Includes Bacon, Pancakes, Croissants, and More

Plus, a whole egg, a baguette, and what could either be a cucumber or a pickle


A new flock of emoji — most of which are food-related — is set to roll out with an iOS update on June 21. The Unicode Technical Committee — the group that designs and approves new special digital characters — approved over 70 new images yesterday, many of which are food items.

Pancakes, which made the candidate list last fall, were approved, along with: bacon, stuffed flatbread, paella, what could either be a cucumber or a pickle, potato, kiwi, peanut, egg, salad, carrot, croissant, and baguette. On the beverage side, there's a glass of what looks like whiskey, a glass of milk, and two clinking champagne glasses.

The world rejoiced when the taco emoji made its debut, and a group even started a campaign to lobby for a dumpling emoji, which ended up making the candidate list. The big reveal comes later this month, so stay tuned to find out which of the food icons make the cut for this year's Unicode update.