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Eater's Video Team Seeks Associate Producer, Motion Graphics Artist, More

Join the talented video team at Eater

Eater's video and social teams are growing, and we're looking for talented candidates for three positions. These hires will join a hardworking, knowledgable team and contribute to Eater's evolving video program. Interested? Check out the open roles below, and see more current job listings at Vox Media here.

Motion Graphics Artist / Producer

The ideal candidate will be a strong storyteller with a proven track record of making highly relevant and creative short form video content. We’re looking for someone who can be the force behind the creative side of any given project. People with experience working in digital media, narrative/storytelling style projects, or other creator driven fields are encouraged to apply. Read more and apply.

Associate Producer

The ideal candidate will have an eye for details, experience with producing and publishing video on a number of platforms, particularly on YouTube and Facebook. This person will directly support producers and production teams in planning and tracking the progress of all production, including but not limited to: researching and pitching content ideas, coordinating and booking shoots, designing assets like thumbnails and logos, and prepping video exports for publish. Read more and apply.

Live Social Video Creator

The ideal candidate is a creative, enthusiastic, and talented multimedia storyteller who will own and grow our live video program, including Facebook Live. We're looking for a motivated and resourceful individual with a passion for video and social platforms to join our engagement team — someone who is excited to rethink how food, restaurants, and food culture can be experienced via real-time video streaming. Read more and apply.