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Fast Food Burritos Are the Secret to Hauntingly Beautiful Cheekbones

Also, Taco Bell Fire Sauce makes a pretty great lip gloss

Contouring will no doubt be remembered as the biggest makeup trend of the 2010s (thanks, Kim Kardashian). Our children's children will look back on our Instagram archives, mouths agape in horror as they wonder why Grandma has sharp gray lines running down the sides of her nose and along her cheekbones.

Meanwhile, the fad is still going strong and beauty vloggers are getting ever more creative. A makeup guru who goes by the moniker Skelotim has invented a whole new style of contouring that involves using fast food to shape his face. That's right, McDonald's french fries make a killer cat-eye, and a burger with a bite taken out of it creates the perfect shape for ultra-slim temples! For highly enviable cheekbones, only a Taco Bell burrito will do. The finishing touch? Taco Bell Fire Sauce lip sauce, natch.

Skelotim's jazzy tutorial has garnered an insane 5.3 million views since being posted on May 31, so expect to see beauty enthusiasts everywhere work-work-working this delightfully greasy look in the near future.