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Anthony Bourdain recently had the pleasure of dining with the President, and now he'd like to dine with the man hoping to take Obama's place in the Oval Office: The Parts Unknown host tells the NY Daily News he'd like to have dinner with Donald Trump.

"I'd like to see him struggle with chopsticks and eat a well done f---ing steak," Bourdain is quoted as saying. He had high praise for Obama's chopstick skills after the duo had dinner together at a tiny bún chả restaurant in Hanoi, Vietnam last week.

Perhaps realizing the Donald would enjoy that incinerated piece of beef a little too much (the candidate's preference for well-done steak, Filet-o-Fish sandwiches, and other pedestrian cuisine is well-documented), he also added, "I'd like to feed him steak tartare."

Too bad Trump's line of namesake steaks — which were oddly once sold at the Sharper Image — is now defunct. He could still serve Bourdain a glass of Trump-branded wine, however.

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