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Watch: How to Cook Cheese Curd Fritters Straight Out of the 18th Century

The recipe was originally published in 1758

The next time you're hosting a Throwback Thursday party, consider this: cheese curd fritters that predate the Revolutionary War. This video shows how to make the treat.

"We found it a bit challenging to make cheese curds in camp, but we managed to pull it off," reads the video's description. "If you don't want to go to those lengths, you can often find cheese curds at your grocer. Either way, deep fried and topped with sugar, you can't really go wrong!"

Deep-fried cheese curds topped with sugar? Cardiologists everywhere can hear the cash rolling in. While store-bought curds will work, making your own at home (or out in the woods) really adds to the authenticity. The recipe comes from Eliza Smith's 1758 cookbook The Compleat Housewife, so watch the above video and whip up a snack that would be sure to please hungry soldiers fighting in the French and Indian War.