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After recently announcing its intentions to begin producing packaged food items, online retail giant Amazon has revealed its own line of coffee products. Happy Belly coffee is now available for purchase on the website, reports CNET, and it appears nine varieties are in stock.

Amazon describes each Happy Belly blend as "crafted from sustainably sourced Fair trade certified organic Arabica beans, grown by small-scale farmers in high-altitude tropical climates." The company says its coffee is sourced from Central and South America, and it's all sold either pre-ground or in whole-bean form. The 12-ounce bags check in at just under $10, and they're available only for Amazon Prime customers.

While this may be the first step toward focusing more on in-house food products, Amazon isn't about to walk away from major brands. The release of its Happy Belly coffee comes at the same time as the company is making a big push for its easy-ordering Dash Button devices. Earlier this week, Amazon announced the one-click ordering tool is available for more than 50 new products, including coffee purveyors such as Peet's, Starbucks, Maxwell House, and Illy. It remains to be seen how those partnerships will evolve if the Happy Belly line gains prominence.

The food industry is becoming more and more vital to Amazon's grand plans. In May, the company announced it will launch meal kit delivery this fall, and its restaurant delivery service is rapidly expanding across the country.