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Change Your Last Name to 'Burger' and Get Free Food for Life

What will your parents think?

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Mr Burger/Facebook

An Australian burger chain is promising to provide customers with free burgers for life, with one major catch: They have to change their last names to "Burger," the Telegraph reports.

Mr Burger, which has a number of brick-and-mortar locations as well as food trucks,has pledged to give away one burger a day for as long as people retain the name. As in any civilized society, there are rules: People must be over 18 and have to legally change their surnames. The chain will even cover the application fee for people who send in an email with a copy of the name change form by July 31.

You’re somewhat out of luck if your name is already Burger — though Mr Burger says it will provide some free food vouchers to the existing Burgers of the world if they so desire, according to the Telegraph.

Other past free food promotions requiring even more permanent committments have included a food truck in Texas that offered gratis food to customers who got pizza tattoos, and a Scotland restaurant that gave a woman won a year of free curry for getting a tattoo of its name.