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Taco Bell Customer Shoots Up Drive-Thru After Being Shorted Sour Cream

There were no injuries, thankfully

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No one likes to have their fast food order messed up, but pulling a gun seems like an overreaction, to say the least. Police in Milwaukee are looking for a man who shot at a drive-thru window in anger after his Taco Bell order was missing sour cream, the Associated Press reports.

The man reportedly called the restaurant after noticing the egregious lack of sour cream and was told he could return the next day for a free meal. Instead, he allegedly went back to the restaurant shortly after midnight and fired shots at the drive-thru and an employee’s car, TMJ4 reported. Thankfully, the drive-thru window was bulletproof and no one was injured.

In other cases of drive-thru crime, a disgruntled McDonald's customer in Utah pulled a gun after getting into a shouting match with an employee; and in January, a sheriff’s deputy in California was arrested for pointing his gun at Jack in the Box workers when his order was taking too long.