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Blake Lively's Burger Hack; Cereal Cafe Hits Times Square

Five things to know right now

Nick Solares/Eater

Today in food news: a cereal cafe opens in Times Square; Starbucks is testing another new drink; a Belgian beer museum will open in Brussels; and more. Get to it:

— Pastry chef Christina Tosi (Milk Bar) has partnered with Kellogg's to open a cereal bar in Times Square, Eater NY reports. Bowls of cereal are served out of automat-style lockers. Some lockers contain prizes in addition to the cereal, and bowls of cereal cost between $6.50 and $7.50 (with milk) and up to $9.50 (as part of an ice cream sundae). It's dining as experience rather than as nourishment, but if there was ever a place to do this, Times Square is it.

— Starbucks is forever testing new drinks, even as fans hack the Starbucks menu. This week, the Roastery is testing a line of affogatos al caffe, an Italian dessert in which espresso is poured over ice cream. Starbucks tests new menu items at its Roastery stores before releasing them at locations nationwide, so if they prove to be a hit, affogatos could hit a Starbucks near you soon.

— A former stock exchange is turning into a Belgian beer museum.

— Actress and sometimes lifestyle maven Blake Lively shares a curious burger hack: Order Umami Burger's Manly Burger and Chili Burger. "You cut them in half and you create one burger," Lively explains. "And then you give the other half to whoever you're with." She adds, "You eat it from the center and get a part of each." It's unclear why you wouldn't just add Chili Burger toppings to the Manly Burger.

— Here's how sad you look when you eat lunch at your desk.

— Finally, a new season of Dining on a Dime with Lucas Peterson starts soon. Here's a sneak peek: