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Gordon Ramsay's New Mobile Game Features Burger Flipping, Shouting, and 'Wishelin Stars'

Will it be as successful as Kim Kardashian: Hollywood?


Here's a new way to kill time while waiting at the doctor's office or standing in line for rainbow bagels: Gordon Ramsay's new mobile game, now available for download via the iTunes Store.

Called Gordon Ramsay: Dash, it's brought to you by Glu Mobile, the same company responsible for turning the likenesses of Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears into mobile games. The game falls under the same umbrella as the company's popular Cooking Dash and Diner Dash games; basically, players rush around kitchens to prepare and serve food and collect money from customers.

Gordon Ramsay Dash

The first level is set in a San Francisco burger joint, and things get progressively fancier — and harder — from there, with players working their way up to better ingredients and more challenging recipes. As users earn more money and skill, they can also purchase new cooking equipment to make cooking faster and easier. Hilariously, there are also opportunities to earn coveted "Wishelin" stars.

Gordon Ramsay Dash

Users also have the ability to customize their chef avatars, go head-to-head against Ramsay himself in celebrity chef boss battles, and play against other users in multiplayer mode. Just don't turn your five-year-old loose on this game without turning off in-app purchases, however, because there are plenty of opportunities to waste real-life dollars. (Still, it's probably the closest most of us will ever get to appearing on Hell's Kitchen.)

Gordon Ramsay Dash

Of course, only time will tell if Ramsay's game will be anywhere near as successful as Kardashian's; according to Glu, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood brought in more than $100 million between its launch in June 2014 and February 2016. Decidedly less popular is Paula Deen's Recipe Quest, a mobile game that launched in 2015 and lets users play as a cook in the Lady & Sons kitchen.