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Disneyland Hong Kong Serves World's Cutest Dim Sum

(Almost) too cute to eat


Whether or not Disneyland really is "the happiest place on Earth" is highly subjective — but for those who find their food just tastes better when it's shaped like cartoon characters, it might just ring true. At Disney's American parks, Mickey-shaped ice cream bars are plentiful; but at Disneyland Hong Kong, things get considerably more artful with themed dim sum.

At the park's Crystal Lotus restaurant, menu items include red bean-stuffed steamed buns shaped like Olaf from Frozen and pork and vegetable-filled buns shaped like the Toy Story aliens, as well as Mickey-shaped glutinous seafood pancakes.

Eat allll the dimsum! Last dimsum pic, I promise. #hongkongdisneyland #disneydimsum #getinmybelly

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Chip and Dale and Chicken Little appear in edible form, too:

Meanwhile, Disney just debuted its second park in China: Disneyland Shanghai opened its gates two weeks ago, and the vast menu — which is mostly composed of traditional Chinese cuisine — includes
Mickey-shaped Peking duck pizzas and Mickey and Minnie steamed buns with sweet and savory fillings.