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Watch David Kinch and Carlo Mirarchi Grill Up Huge Dry-Aged Steaks

Grilling is about 'eating well and having a good time'

Chefs David Kinch and Carlo Mirarchi know their way around a grill, and in this video from Mind of a Chef, they put their skills to use with a couple of mammoth dry-aged steaks. Each chef takes his own approach to the beef and the process. But in this culinary battle — they're calling it a "meat off," which doesn't sound too appealing — there aren't any losers, just plenty of high-quality steak to go around.

"Cooking outdoors, there's something relaxing about it, especially if you're working with an open fire," Kinch says. "It immediately becomes more rustic. It can put you much more attached to the act of cooking. Usually it's not for an event. You're cooking for yourself or friends, so it's much more intimate. It's much more personal."

Watch the above video to learn where the respective chefs source their beef, how long they age it, what kind of charcoal they use, and more.

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