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World's Greatest Job Candidate Submits Her Resume on a Chocolate Bar Wrapper

Someone hire this woman

Gemma Lewis/Linkedin

Looking for a way to gain an all-important advantage in a job search, one brilliant Australian woman may have made a breakthrough. Metro reports Renata Chunderbalsingh, who has been eyeing new work in Sydney, has decided to print her resume on a custom chocolate bar wrapper.

"I am new to the industry, and was thinking well, 'How can I get out there and tell them that I'm good?'" she told Mashable. "I thought, 'I have to differentiate myself from the crowd.'"

Anyone who takes the time to consider Chunderbalsingh will get the added bonus a free chocolate, so naturally her prospects appear to be sky high. Gemma Lewis, a potential employer who, for some reason, did not hire the ingenious job-seeker, was so impressed that she shared the resume on Linkedin. It's spread like wildfire.

Ingenious application surprised us in the post this morning. Our first RESUME BAR! Not sure if we were bribed or charmed, but either way it prompted a lovely chat with Renata this morning. She doesn't have loads of insights experience but she has passion, creativity and gumption in spades and sound arguments for why she wants to work in consumer insights.

Chunderbalsingh told Mashable she has since received a number of offers in Australia and Europe. Once she settles on a new place of employment and has a steady income, she would be thoughtful to send Lewis a "thank you" note engraved in chocolate.

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