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Watch This Short Film About the Love Between a Vegetarian and Cattle Rancher

Love knows no bounds

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Opposites attract, as the old cliche goes, and there might not be any better proof than the union of a vegetarian and a cattle rancher. This short film from The Perennial Plate, entitled For Place and For Animals, tells the story of Keri Brant, whose decision to marry into a cattle-ranching family taught her there's more to responsible eating than simply cutting out meat.

Not only did marrying someone so ingrained in the meat industry cause internal conflict, it resulted in the loss of some friends who were vegan: "It was really hard for them to understand that I could fall in love with a cattle rancher." Brant cites the perception that ranchers are rough-and-tumble men who don't care about their animals, but she says there's no truth to that.

"A lot of people love animals deeply and still eat meat," she says in the film. "And the way our industry is set up, you can kind of disassociate from the fact that this was a living animal that you're eating, you know, while you have your dogs that you love so much sitting at your feet. The more I think about it, ranchers are doing that work. They're doing all the grappling, it seems like, and the ethics of these things."

Watch the above video for the full story.