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Rachael Ray's Grocery List Will Make You Dizzy

The lifestyle guru can’t toast bread

Shelby Soblick/Getty Images

In a new entry on the app (which is, exactly as it sounds, an app that allows people to make lists) Rachael Ray notes her favorite things, which include pit bulls, cooking and, well, making lists.

Among the highlights of the "eight things you don't know about me"-style entry, Ray espouses her love of grocery lists, which she compares to Kevin Spacey's notebook entries from the film Seven (though they bear a striking resemblance to some of the equations from a A Beautiful Mind, too).

Ray also mentions her love of pit bulls (she calls her pit Isaboo "the kindest, most sensitive member" of her family) and says her dream job would be a "bad ass rock and roll drummer or Jane Bond."

Of course, a Rachael Ray listicle wouldn't be complete without a mention of cooking. And while Ray says she prefers her own kitchen to any fine restaurant, she does admit to lacking a couple of seemingly straightforward skills.

In addition to claiming she can't toast bread (she burns it every time), Ray says she can't make a decent coffee without it looking like "mud or pee." No mention of how strong her lemonade-making skills are.

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