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Watch Gordon Ramsay Train With the UK's Royal Marines

He follows that by cooking a spicy beef curry

Gordon Ramsay may be best known for shouting at disheartened restaurant owners and participants in culinary competitions, but in this video, he's on the other end of some verbal abuse. Ramsay embarks on a training mission with the United Kingdom's Royal Marines, and he doesn't get any special treatment for being a celebrity chef.

Ramsay runs through the wilderness, crawls through tight tunnels, and traverses cold creeks, all while carrying a heavy rifle. "That was the longest 30 minutes of my entire fucking life," he breathlessly declares once it's all said and done. After regrouping and changing into dry clothes, the chef prepares a dinner of spicy beef curry for his new friends. The meal appears to be a welcome respite from their normal rations.

In addition to tasting better than the Marines' typical pre-packaged foods, Ramsay hails the dish as "a virtually fat- and cholesterol-free, slow-release energy source." Even if you're not interested in curry, tune in to get a look at the shouty chef being sent through the ringer for a change.