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McDonald's to Offer McDelivery in New Zealand

Kiwis will soon be able to get Big Macs delivered to their homes

McDonald's will soon be expanding its delivery service to other parts of the world. That's according to New Zealand website Stuff, which reports that the chain recently registered its "McDelivery" trademark in New Zealand. The trademark reportedly consists of "a golden McDonald's arch zipping along on a skateboard."

The burger chain has been offering home delivery for years in Australia, where customers can set up an account and have Big Macs delivered straight to their front doors. And though it's popular, the process hasn't been seamless for customers.

A reviewer on LifeHacker wrote that McDonald's (or Maccas, as Aussies call it) delivery in Australia was "pretty horrendous," and required a minimum order of $25 — a lot, by fast-food standards. More than an hour after ordering, the reviewer claims the food arrived "stone cold."

In the U.S., McDonald's delivery is available in select markets, though not through the company itself. It's partnered with both Seamless and Postmates in the past. The company did, however, trademark the "McDelivery" phrase in the U.S. last year, though company representatives have said they have nothing to share about future plans.

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