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People Are Going Crazy for Starbucks Japan's Coffee Jelly Frappuccinos

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It's like coffee Jell-O, sucked through a straw


Starbucks Japan is cashing in on the country's love of jellies: Late last week the coffee giant unveiled a coffee jelly Frappuccino just in time for summer. According to Rocket News 24, the drink features jelly chunks made using the coffee chain's roast espresso blend, "a creamy custard vanilla sauce," and is served with an extra-large straw for sucking up the coffee-jellies. It sounds like a cross between a coffee Jell-o, panna cotta, and affogato al caffè — sucked through a straw.

It's also quite attractive, though perhaps not as Instagrammable as its American counterpart, the pink drink. In Japan, gelatin-based desserts are highly popular. Coffee jelly — a simple concoction of coffee, gelatin, and sugar — is typically served cubed and topped with cream. Starbucks' version is served in layers, making it kind of like three treats in one: coffee jelly, vanilla custard sauce, frozen coffee, and whipped cream.

The drink will retail for 590 yen (US $5.62) from July 2 to August 31 at Starbucks stores in Japan. The tweet announcing the new beverage has already been shared more than 27,000 times.

Starbucks' Japanese stores have seen their fair share of unique drinks, from alcoholic, blended beverages to Cherry Blossom Frappuccinos, which eventually made their way to the U.S.

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