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Taste Test: Burger King's New Mac n' Cheetos

Should you eat this?

Burger King shocked the world last week by unveiling a new menu item: Mac n' Cheetos. This unholy creation brings together three things Americans love: fast food, macaroni and cheese, and Cheetos. For about $2.50, customers can get a package containing five fried nuggets, which are filled with mac and cheese and coated in Cheetos flavoring. It's like a mozzarella stick that's received an over-the-top makeover.

To find out if this latest fast food monstrosity is worth ordering, Eater Los Angeles editors Farley Elliott and Matt Kang stopped by their local BK for a taste test. Elliott and Kang are split in their opinions, with the former missing that distinctive Cheetos crunch and the latter declaring, "I think it's great."

Mac n' Cheetos make for the latest in a long line of Burger King food stunts, and they're currently being tested only in Southern California. Do they deserve a national rollout? Find out via the video above.