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If you haven't tasted mint chocolate chip ice cream with fresh mint — not that mysterious extract stuff — you haven't lived. In its newest Kitchen Vignettes series, PBS Food shares a recipe for mint chocolate chip ice cream. The secret to getting all of that mint flavor is soaking freshly picked spearmint stalks and leaves in the milk and cream mixture. Omitting egg yolks — a traditional ingredient in many ice creams because it acts as an emulsifier and thickener — allows the flavor of the mint to shine through. To achieve the same richness as you might with egg yolks, tapioca starch and white chocolate are added. Because of the addition of white chocolate, there's no sugar in this recipe — the chocolate both sweetens and smooths out the base. Finally, chopped dark chocolate is folded in. The end result is a minty, full-bodied ice cream both refreshing and rich. Find the complete recipe here, and watch the process above.