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Japan Is Celebrating the New 'Ghostbusters' With Marshmallow Burgers

Hopefully it won't come to life and try to destroy humanity

J.S. Burger Cafe/Fashionsnap

A Ghostbusters reboot will hit theaters soon, and one Japanese restaurant chain is celebrating with a specialty menu of absurd, Ghostbusters-themed dishes. Maxim reports J.S. Burgers Cafe is introducing new items such as a green kiwi smoothie — reminiscent of ectoplasm — and a "G.B. Burger" that is topped with black olives and anchovy paste. It isn't clear why a salty-briny flavor profile would be associated with a movie about saving New York City from run-amok ghosts.

The most appropriate dish is the "Marshmallow Mad Burger." This dessert is comprised of roasted marshmallows, Oreos, and what appears to be some sort of raspberry- or cherry-flavored sauce. Sounds like a treat truly fit for a Stay Puft king.

While there aren't any marshmallow burgers popping up on fast food menus in the United States just yet, the new Ghostbusters film has brought about the revival of a beverage adored by Americans who grew up in the '90s. Hi-C Ecto Cooler returned to grocery store shelves last month.