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Subway One-Ups Reddit With Its Own Disgusting Sandwich Combos

The sandwich chain nearly outdid the internet

Subway's meatball-egg-Buffalo sauce monstrosity
Subway's meatball-egg-Buffalo sauce monstrosity

Commenters on a recent thread on the Reddit subform AskReddit nearly broke the Internet this week when they dreamed up the most disgusting Subway sandwich combinations possible. Now, the sandwich chain is taking things a step further — by unveiling three, unique combinations inspired by that forum.

Subway had a handful of the chain's "sandwich artists" come up with their own wacky creations, utilizing all of the meats, cheeses, sauces, and vegetables on the menu. The results are strikingly similar to some of the combos Redditors dreamed up. In fact, two of them might be even crazier:

  1. Tuna and bacon on Italian bread, topped with jalapeños, cucumbers and Chipotle Southwest sauce
  2. Roast beef, pepperoni and Monterey cheddar cheese, topped with tomatoes, pickles, jalapeños, Nacho Cheese Doritos and ranch dressing
  3. Meatballs, eggs, and pepper jack cheese on Italian bread, topped with oregano and Buffalo sauce

Okay, so tuna and bacon isn't that crazy (a search for that very combo lists some 3,780,000 results on Google). And the Doritos sound a little extreme, but they could presumably add some crunch and cheesiness — which could, of course, be offset by the sour quality of the pickles. Meatballs, eggs, and Buffalo sauce, on the other hand? That's a texture-taste-protein trifecta that might even be too much for Reddit.

There are, of course, millions of sandwich combinations available at the chain and reps say employees will make customers any combo they want. Still, none of Subway's creations hold a candle to this little gem dreamed up on Reddit (and, allegedly, ordered IRL): double seafood salad on white bread, microwaved (not toasted!) with extra mayo.

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