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Watch Gordon Ramsay Hunt, Butcher, and Cook Wild Boar

In which the chef channels his temper into a hunt

The latest video from Gordon Ramsay, of shouty chef/Kitchen Nightmares fame, features a wild boar hunt. Back in 2014, Ramsay told Jimmy Fallon that he had a soft spot for pigs, but in this new clip he's taking a decidedly harder stance. With a trained hunter and American soldier stationed at Alabama's Fort Benning, Ramsay goes into the brush in search of wild boar. The two men track wild hogs, and then shoot one in a trap. Next, Ramsay sets to work bleeding the pig, skinning it, and finally butchering it. Skinning alone takes 30 minutes of diligent, delicate cutting. Ramsay then prepares all of the different parts of the pig, including the tenderloin and the ribs, which he cooks in a marinade before grilling. For the "Rolls Royce of the pig," Ramsay cuts the loin into medallions, grills it lightly, and serves it with a sauce and slaw. Finally, Fort Benning's men and women feast on wild boar, prepared by one of the world's most lauded chefs.