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Galaxy Foods and Society's Doom; the Trouble With Restaurant Bathrooms

Seven things to think about today


Galaxy doughnutsrainbow bagelsbirthday cake croissantsblue cocktailspurple coffee: The masses have rediscovered food coloring and it's all for the love of the photograph. Never before has the intersection of food, photography, and the self been so obsessive or so blatant. This is the evolution of food porn and a culture in which social cues, acceptance, and validation (in the form of a like, a favorite, or a share) matter far more than literal human interaction, actual sustenance, or the biological sensation of taste. (Do I sound like an old yet?) The optics of a dish, the concept of food styling is not new, but it upsets me that so many people are so much more concerned with how a dish looks in an Instagram post or on Snapchat than how it tastes, what effect it will have on the digestive system, and what eating it means — to the economy, our culture, or the human body. What you eat has become less about nourishing the body and more about nurturing the ego. And, these are the same people that hold food companies and the government accountable for artificial flavors, colors, and GMOs. Fads be damned: What we ingest should be for the good of our bodies, not for a few dozen votes.

In today's food news:

— Anthony Bourdain has pushed the opening of his massive Manhattan street food-style market back two years. Eater NY has all of the details.

— Bon Appétit tackles the crucial but overlooked subject of restaurant bathrooms:

"...single-stalls [should be] marked simply with a sign like 'W.C.' or 'Restroom.' There is no 'women' or 'men' sign because they are all individual stalls anyway! It doesn't matter! It would be like labeling bathrooms in your house for men or women! That would be weird!"

— A little bit of background on this whole Brexit thing, courtesy of the Financial Times:

Mr. Cameron, backed by William Hague, the former foreign secretary, concluded that the only way to hold the party together through the 2015 general election campaign was to promise an EU referendum.

The setting for that fateful decision: a pizza restaurant at Chicago O'Hare airport, where Mr Cameron met with Mr Hague and Ed Llewellyn, his trusted chief of staff and an old-hand in Brussels.

So they ate at Pizzeria Uno instead of Rick Bayless's Tortas Frontera?! THAT is the real crime.

— Related hot take from Chicago-based restaurateur Nick Kokonas (Alinea, Next):

— Another 365 by Whole Foods is opening up, this time in Bellevue, Oregon this September.

— MasterChef Jr. is now casting. Are you a child? Do you enjoy cooking? Get on that.

— Starbucks introduced cold brew coffee at all of its locations last year. This year, it's bottling the stuff. Cold brew in bottles hits retailers next month.

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