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How to Curb Flare-Ups While Grilling Meat

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A trick every grill-master should know

Just in time to aid any grilling plans that may be made for the upcoming weekend, our friends at ChefSteps offer a simple, effective tip for controlling flare-ups while cooking meat outdoors.

According to co-founder Grant Crilly, flare-ups on a grill are caused by fat from the meat dripping down onto the charcoal or embers below, causing a momentary burst of heat and fire. A little extra flame action is good, making for char-y grill marks, but too many flare-ups can mean altered, ashy-tasting meat or even burnt food. To curb the fire, Crilly recommends keeping a spray bottle handy, full of water, wine, or even beer, to put out the flame and keep your meat cooking steadily toward perfection.

ChefSteps is a food and technology company based out of Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington. To learn more about the company — and to discover more tips and tricks to put to use in a home kitchen — click here.

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