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Old-School Burgers and Tots Await at Dallas's Oldest Drive-In

They’ll even sell you a beer (if your car is in park)

Once a common sight along great American highways, the drive-in hamburger joint is now nearing extinction. This week on The Meat Show, professional carnivore and host Nick Solares visits one classic fast food establishment that, with carhops and all, has been serving up the same hamburger recipe since 1965.

Keller’s Drive-In is the oldest continuously running hamburger stand in all of Dallas, Texas. Its menu boasts simple fast food favorites — including thin grilled burgers on poppyseed buns smothered with special sauce, plus french fries and tater tots — at (nearly) old school prices (a single hamburger goes for just $2.35), and as long as your car is in park, they'll even sell you a beer. The crowd is a mix of motorcyclists and families, mini vans and hotrods, all enjoying the simple pleasure of ordering a hamburger without leaving their car. Watch the video above to join in on Solares' drive-in experience.

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