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Jason Miller/Getty Images

Having already released a "Chef" shoe — which has been mocked to no end — NBA star Steph Curry seemingly wants to take the nickname for himself. The Golden State Warriors point guard has applied to trademark "Chef Curry," notes Sports Illustrated, and he would potentially use the name to market an array of products.

The trademark application indicates Chef Curry could be slapped on such items as anti-glare glasses, comic books, earmuffs, plush toys, mechanical pencils, and much, much more. Somewhat ironically, it appears the only possible goods and services that would not be marketed under the Chef Curry name are actual food-related products. This seems like a major oversight. Wouldn't Chef Curry-branded aprons, grill sets, or oven mitts sell like proverbial hot cakes?

Trademark attorney Alexander Montgomery points out the trademark application was filed on June 16, right in the middle of the Warriors' NBA Finals series against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Perhaps this distraction explains why Curry shot just 4 of 14 from three-point range in Golden State's Game 7 loss.