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Your Next Camping Trip Could Involve Wood-Fired Pizza

Because man cannot survive on s'mores alone


A company known for producing durable camping gear is dipping its toes into the culinary world. BioLite just released a new option for its outdoor stoves called the PizzaDome, which is a highly portable wood-fired pizza oven that can also charge your phone, according to The Verge.

Bonus: It can also charge your phone.

The device weighs about 4.4 pounds and promises to cook pizzas in five to 10 minutes. It comes with a ceramic pizza stone and a built-in thermometer. The BioLite stove apparently also requires less wood than the average outdoor stove, and converts heat from the fire to power a charging outlet.

So for pizza addicts who may love to escape and get in touch with nature, but would rather not leave pizza behind, this is the perfect solution. Now, if only those pizza shoe-making companies could produce pizza-themed hiking boots, all would be well.