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Strong Feelings About Bacon; Anthony Bourdain's Favorite Hotel

Five things to know right now

If you don't like your bacon crispy you're probably a monster.
If you don't like your bacon crispy you're probably a monster.

There are pro-breakfast people and there are anti-breakfast people. Here's a hot take: I'm decidedly pro-breakfast. I regularly eat omelets for lunch; I prefer hash browns with my steak for dinner; and as far as I'm concerned bacon is the perfect meat. In fact, I made six slices of bacon for lunch today, which I'm now consuming with a glass of orange juice and absolutely nothing else. I bring this up because bacon, and its ideal cooked texture, are the subject of a friendly debate on the new breakfast-only site Extra Crispy. And I'm extremely upset about this whole thing. I cannot believe there are people in the world who don't want their bacon to be crisp, light, with fat fully rendered into a lacy crunch, the texture of a fine shortbread cookie combined with the taste of salty, fatty pork. I mean my dog will eat bacon any which way, but people who like their bacon limp are living life on the edge... of sadness. Disagree? Find a poll at the end of this post where you can weigh in. But if you like your bacon flaccid, you're probably wrong.

Today in food news:

— Pay-it-forward chains regularly make headlines. They provide a bit of good news in an otherwise upsetting news cycle of human greed, crime, and corruption. But now that chain restaurants across the country are introducing apps that allow users to order and pay ahead of time, that spur of the moment generosity is vanishing. Fortunately, at least one app developer thought of a solution. Starbucks' app — generally thought of as the leader in food mobile apps — allows users to order and pay for a drink at any location, and tagging it #ForSomeoneInNeed will get the barista to give it away. Here's how to start a pay-it-forward chain from anywhere in the country.

— Anthony Bourdain reveals his favorite hotel in the world to Travel+Leisure, and it's an unexpected celebrity hot spot in Hollywood: "I would not feel cheated by life if I died in Chateau Marmont... I love that hotel above all others."

Watch: Anthony Bourdain Really Loves In-N-Out Burger

— Chicago is now among the few cities to mandate paid sick leave for almost all part-time or full-time workers, including those who work in restaurants. A similar measure was passed in New York City in 2014. Last year President Obama attempted to make it federal law.

— New York City's most famous halal food cart has been on an expansion streak for the past few years and now it's opening a location in Dallas next month. A Vegas location is also forthcoming.

— Across the country: Philly gets its first cat cafeMontreal gets a HootersPortland's bone broth cafe is expanding; and a dining guide to San Francisco's Cole Valley.

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