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Should New Orleans Name Its Baseball Team the King Cakes or the Po'Boys?

The minor league team is putting its name to a vote

It’s a universal truth that stadium food is one of the the greatest things about baseball, but a minor league team, the New Orleans Zephyrs, is taking it one step further by incorporating food not just into the ballpark experience but also — maybe, just maybe — into their name.

The Zephyrs are holding a contest: Fans were able to submit names for consideration, and now those have been whittled down to seven contenders, five of which are food-related. There are the King Cakes and the Baby Cakes in honor of the classic treat, but if sweets aren’t your thing, consider voting instead for the New Orleans Po’boys, the New Orleans Crawfish, or the Red Eyes, a name that " honors Louisiana's crawfish festivals, and the bright red crawfish New Orleans love."

Team logos for the Biloxi Shuckers and Montgomery Biscuits.

If one of these names wins (the other two options are the Night Owls and the Tailgators, obviously a play on alligators and tailgating), the Miami Marlins affiliate team will join the great ranks of food-inspired minor league team names, a high honor also bestowed upon teams like the Biloxi Shuckers and the Montgomery Biscuits.

Need more minor league naming conventions in your life? Check out SB Nation’s MILB name generator. Otherwise, vote here and read on for the full list of names and reasoning from the New Orleans Zephyrs.

New Orleans Baby Cakes: A tribute to the Mardi Gras king cakes where small plastic babies are sought after, the Baby Cakes celebrates a unique Louisiana tradition.

New Orleans Crawfish: Pays tribute to those lovable and tasty critters we hold festivals for, and who call New Orleans home.

New Orleans King Cakes: The King Cake tradition bring families and community members together to celebrate the joyous season of Mardi Gras, just like Minor League Baseball draws families together.

New Orleans Night Owls: Both a play on words and an alliteration, Night Owls celebrates the New Orleans nightlife and a night out at the ballpark.

New Orleans Po'boys: A tribute to the culinary capital of the Gulf Cost, this fun name falls in line with other wacky names Minor League Baseball is known for.

New Orleans Red Eyes: New Orleans Red Eyes honors Louisiana's crawfish festivals, and the bright red crawfish New Orleans love.

New Orleans Tailgators: Alligators are synonymous with Louisiana, and tailgating is synonymous with baseball.