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Restaurant Owner Fires His Own Son for Calling Customer a 'Fatty' on Receipt

The owner was extremely apologetic

All Stars Bar & Grill

As long as there are receipts, there will be restaurant staffers using them to passive-aggressively insult patrons. The latest instance occurred at a Warwick, Rhode Island restaurant called All Stars Bar & Grill; according to WJAR, when customer Dillon Arnold was presented with his tab Tuesday night, he found his server had identified him as "Fatty".

Arnold posted a photo of the receipt to his personal Facebook page late Tuesday night, writing that the server refused to admit responsibility for the insult. (The post has since been shared nearly 1,000 times.) Restaurant owner Tony Ambrosio commented on the post with an apology explaining that the staffer in question was actually his son and that "he will never be bartending or serving there again." "I apologize and would like to send you a 50$ gift card," Ambrosio wrote. "If you can please call my cell phone when you can so I can personally apologize to you."

Ambrosio tells WJAR that not only has his son been fired, but he's no longer allowed on restaurant property. The restaurant has also posted a sign apologizing for the incident on its front door.

Arnold's not eager to return to the restaurant, telling the news station, "He offered me a gift card, but I'd rather just not go there. It's just so embarrassing."

He's certainly not the first one to be humiliated by a nasty insult printed on a receipt: A woman in Arkansas had her Mexican restaurant experience spoiled by a server who printed the Spanish word for "fat" on her receipt, and that's not the worst of it — there have been numerous incidents involving racist remarks appearing on customers' receipts.