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Watch Jimmy Fallon Punish Gordon Ramsay for Having a Potty Mouth

Ramsay's been naughty

Shouty chef Gordon Ramsay is known for having a bad temper and dirty mouth — in fact, he's made a whole career out of it, and it fuels his entire brand. Last night, when he stopped by the Tonight Show, he made an effort to curb his cursing. He started out by using "bloody" instead of something worse, but then let out the f-word right after, "It's f-ing hard!" he exclaimed after Fallon thanks him for not swearing on air. Fallon assumes a British accent and puts Ramsay, whose leg is in a brace, on the "naughty step," for saying the f-word on air. There are a total of six more bleeps during the segment because Ramsay can't help himself; meanwhile Fallon gets more and more irritated. "I'm going to flip this table, I'm going to flip the desk," he says with serious concern in his eyes. The conversation continues and Ramsay tells a short story about how one woman on Kitchen Nightmares told him she was "turned on" by his swearing, which he found "quite weird." At the end of the segment Fallon pulls out Ramsay's favorite drink, a mixture of tequila, cider, honey, and elderflower on ice, garnished with lime. Ramsay cheers to Fallon and pronounces the drink, "Fucking delicious."

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