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Watch Giada de Laurentiis Whip Up Cocktails and Pasta With Seth Meyers

Pasta alfredo in the dead of summer? Sure, why not

Today marks the official start of summer, and that means endless magazine covers and listicles shouting about "bikini bodies" and how to get "beach-ready." Gag. Giada de Laurentiis thumbed her nose at all of this by whipping up a pseudo-pasta alfredo last night on Late Night With Seth Meyers, because what's more summery than a giant bowl of pasta smothered in mascarpone cheese?

The late-night host seems like a bit of a finicky eater, claiming to like neither peas nor asparagus (perhaps unsurprisingly, he says his favorite food is chicken). Giada does manage to get him to taste pink peppercorns and also introduces Seth to the concept of using pasta water to thicken sauces, however. She also mixes up a couple Campari and Champagne cocktails, which seem ideal for all those nights Meyers supposedly spends drinking alone. Come for the beach body jokes, stay for Meyers picking up a fried egg and eating it like a burger.