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Watch: Simple Grilled Burgers Are a Summertime Treat

Nothing fancy here

Not many things scream "summer" like a good backyard grilling session. Whipping up some tasty burgers takes little effort and offers a big payoff. This video from Silently Cooking shows just how good a grilled burger looks — and sounds.

This particular application calls for some sort of cast iron pan to be used over the fire, but the same principles can be applied to cooking directly on a grill grate. The recipe for these burgers is simple and fool proof: 70-30 beef — "the more fat the better," according to our silent chef — seasoned with salt and pepper. Cook to the preferred doneness, and toast buns with the leftover grease. Dress it all with mayo, ketchup, and pickles, and voila. No need for cheese to cover the savory beef.

If, on the other hand, you're thinking this recipe is a bit too simple, perhaps you would prefer to make a monstrosity out of 84 McDonald's double cheeseburgers.