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Good news for anyone who has ever needed to charge their phone, but found themselves neck-high in fried chicken and unable to walk to the nearest outlet. KFC's new meal box includes a USB port, so diners can simultaneously eat fried chicken, charge their phone, and try not to get chicken grease all over said phone.

Deccan Chronicle reports the the 5-in-1 mealbox, dubbed "Watt a Box," comes complete with an "integrated powerbank, allowing customers to charge their phones while eating."

According to a trial by BGR, however, the powerbank doesn't even come close to fully charging a phone. Testers who charged an iPhone with the box said it only gained 17 percent battery after charging for half-an-hour, during which time the powerbank became completely drained. After recharging the power bank itself, testers tried charging the phone again, "but the power bank ran out of juice again with the phone gaining just seven percent of charge."

Unfortunately for those in the U.S. looking for a really fattening meal that doubles as a really terrible phone charger, the Watt a Box is only available in select stores in Delhi and Mumbai.

KFC has unveiled similar tech-meets-fast-food products in other markets, though. Last year in Canada, the chicken chain released a photo printer that was built inside its signature bucket of grease-stained fried chicken.

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