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Woman Dials 911 to Report Pizza's Suspicious Lack of Cheese

This does not qualify as an emergency

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If your faith in humanity needs to be taken down a peg, look no further: A woman in Newfoundland, Canada, recently called 911 to report an emergency of epic proportions — her pizza did not have enough cheese on it.

According to the Telegraph, the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary received the bizarre call. "The individual had an issue with the company she bought the pizza from, and there wasn't enough cheese, and had approached the company and didn't like whatever response they had given," said Constable Geoff Higdon.

The caller was informed she needed to speak with the manager of the company, rather than the police (amazingly, she wasn't ticketed for wasting their time).

Sadly, dialing 911 to report food-related — and completely non-emergency — issues is nothing new. In 2014, a woman was arrested after calling 911 when a local Subway supposedly used the wrong sauce on her Flatizza.

In that instance, the Subway patron asked the employees for a refund. After they refused, she asked a 911 operator to send a cop to the restaurant to help her out. The operator did indeed send an officer, but to arrest Hall and charge her with "misuse of the 911 system."