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The Worst Subway Sandwiches, According to the Internet

Lukewarm tuna salad topped with extra meatballs, anyone?

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

A thread on the Reddit subforum AskReddit is imploring commenters to dream up the "worst Subway sandwich possible, using actual ingredients from Subway." The query has so far elicited more than 5,700 comments and the results are, needless to say, pretty disgusting.

The most common theme appears to be odd combinations of textures and temperatures — tuna salad topped with meatballs, for instance — or microwaved toppings that are meant to be served cold. One user even claims a customer would request chocolate chip cookies, and pickles, on his sandwich.

One Reddit user, who described themselves as a "former Subway sandwich artist," described the worst combo they'd ever seen in real life: white bread, cheese, and three lines of every single sauce available. "When you fold it and get ready to cut in half, the insides squirt out at every which angle," writes user thistimethatonetime. "This kid would just have the most sinister laugh every time he saw us cut his sandwich in half. Ordered the thing twice a week, every week until I quit."

A few other disgusting flavor combos contributed by Redditors:

  1. Six chocolate chip cookies cut in half and stacked, roast beef, and mayonnaise, on a honey-oat bun.
  2. Footlong, on white, with just olives and tomato sauce.
  3. Double seafood salad, on white, microwaved (not toasted) with extra mayo.

As The Office's Michael Scott (whose go-to sandwich order is bologna, tomato, and ketchup) can attest, odd combinations don't always make for the best flavors:

Admittedly, none of the above even hold a candle to the culinary surprise that is Subway's infamous spinach and dead mouse sandwich.

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