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Watch Stephen Colbert Eat Fish Eggs With Alexander Skarsgård

Colbert wants to make a deal

Last night on the Late Show, Stephen Colbert hosted Swedish actor/good-looking person Alexander Skarsgård. The two men talked politics, Colbert joked that Skarsgård was going to take off his shirt (the crowd cheered), and then they got down to business. The business of fish eggs, that is. Apparently fish roe are a popular snack in Sweden. Creamed roe come in a toothpaste-like tube; a popular brand is called Kalles. The New York Times reviewed the product in 2015 and said, "It challenges the universal gag reflex." Egged on by his guest, Colbert proceeds to squeeze some of the roe out onto cheese and crackers, and asks Skarsgård if he's doing it right. Skarsgård looks perplexed, "I like just a little bit, but I think that if you've never tried it before, you really want to make sure [that there's enough on there...]" The actor then squeezes an obscene amount of the roe onto a cracker. Colbert responds, "I'll make you a deal, for every one of these I eat, you open a button."