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Watch: Are Austin's Tacos Better Than Its Barbecue?

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Conducting a city-wide taco crawl to find out

Austin, Texas is a city that’s commonly associated with barbecue, but among locals tacos are the real draw. It seems like everywhere you go in Austin, you see the tortilla-wrapped Mexican dish: Whether from a truck, trailer, shop, stand, or a stand-alone restaurant, tacos are the real civic obsession.

In this week’s episode of Dining on a Dime, the final segment from the Austin season, host Lucas Peterson traverses the city in search of great tacos, embarking on a mini taco crawl. He samples both traditional tacos with meat fillings — pastor, asada, and chorizo from Taqueria La Chilanga — as well as tacos that blur the Tex Mex line, like breakfast tacos from Veracruz Tacos and fried avocado tacos from Mellizoz Tacos. Watch the full tour, above.

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