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Watch David Chang Put Ssam Sauce to Use

He shares two recipes in a new video for Whole Foods

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In a quick new video, New York City-based chef David Chang shows home cooks how to use his now widely available Ssäm Sauce, a spinoff of traditional spicy-sour-sweet Korean gochujang. For over a year Chang and his team have been hawking the deep red sauce. It's on the tables at Chang's Fuku restaurants — glorified fried chicken shops with a fast casual feel — and since last May on shelves at Whole Foods. But how does one use it at home? Here Chang demonstrates two simple shrimp recipes: The first is a shrimp cocktail riff, made with the sweet and sour sauce as well as some horseradish, for an extra kick. The other recipe is even easier: A mixture of raw shrimp, scallions, and Ssäm Sauce mixed together and laid out on a hot grill. The sauce serves as both a marinade and glaze. These preparations probably work just as well with chicken or steak, and if Ssäm Sauce proves hard to find, gochujang will work just as well.