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'Skinny' on the left, 'Tipsy' on the right
'Skinny' on the left, 'Tipsy' on the right
Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Two of the Botoxed Bravo mascots known as the Real Housewives are caught in a boozy battle, and it's not a wine-fueled fist fight for their viewers. According to Page Six — where other gripping headlines today include "Kesha Busts Out of Teeny Bikini Top" — Real Housewives of New York City cast member Sonja Morgan is preparing to open a Manhattan restaurant and bar called Tipsy Girl.

That's awfully close to Skinnygirl, which is the line of cocktail mixers and wine that fellow cast member Bethenny Frankel has peddled for years. Frankel attempted to trademark "Tipsygirl" in April, apparently in an attempt to block Morgan from using the name, but the filing was denied. In addition to the restaurant, which is slated to open in mid-July, Morgan is also preparing to launch Tipsy Girl brand prosecco.

Page Six says Tipsy Girl (the restaurant) "will include many varietals of Bellinis mixed with Tipsy Girl prosecco," which will surely delight the tour buses full of tourists that will likely swarm the place. And while it may seem like a poor business move to blatantly rip off a castmate, it makes perfect sense for two people who literally make their living off drama — the dispute has already lit a fire under at least one RHONY episode.

Skinnygirl creator Bethenny Frankel is certainly no stranger to public feuds: She's been at odds with felonious lifestyle queen Martha Stewart for quite some time (although that one seems rather one-sided).