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The Top 13 Stories on Eater Last Week

Here's what everyone is still talking about

Kansas City-style barbecue
Kansas City-style barbecue
Nick Solares/Eater

Last week was barbecue week 2016 on Eater, a celebration of meat and fire and smoke. Catch up on all of the smoky, saucy goodness right here. In other news, the World's 50 Best organization released its annual list of the top 50 restaurants across the world; Eater Drinks explained blue wine (which is a real thing!); Chipotle released pre-cooked steak and customers groaned; and Eater's newest class of Young Guns weighed in on the most overrated ingredients in cooking today. Read on for all the news everyone is still buzzing about.

1. The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2016: The Full List of Winners

2. Sorry, There's Only One Legit Kind of American Barbecue

3. The 14 Best Craft Whiskeys Under $50

4. What the Hell Is Blue Wine?

5. The Most Overrated Ingredients

6. Watch Gordon Ramsay Catch and Cook King Crab

7. This Is What’s Wrong With the 2016 World’s 50 Best List

8. Liquid Smoke: The History Behind a Divisive Culinary Shortcut

9. How to Get a Table at the World's Top 10 Restaurants

10. Chipotle's New Pre-Cooked Steak Is Being Compared to Canned Meatballs

11. FDA Slams Whole Foods for 'Serious Violations' at Manufacturing Facility

12. The 23 Essential Barbecue Dishes in America

13. Can Michael Symon Take Cleveland-Style Barbecue Mainstream?