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Restaurant Manager Fired After Presenting Server With 'Best Butt' Award

Bad idea

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Scotty's Brewhouse/Facebook

Management at an Indianapolis-area restaurant apparently failed to read the section about sexual harassment in their employee handbook. Scotty's Brewhouse in Southport, Indiana held an awards ceremony for employees last Monday night, reports Fox 59, handing out such accolades as "Best Server" and "Best Bartender." While those seem like nice ways to recognize employees for their performance, a female server received a highly questionable "Best Butt" award.

According to Fox 59, "she was then told to turn around in front of everyone so people could take pictures of her behind." She reported the incident to the corporate office's human resources department, and says she may file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The company's owner issued a statement to the Indy Star calling the award "unsanctioned and unapproved." At least one manager has been terminated over the incident, and staff will also be required to undergo additional sexual harassment training. Scotty's, which serves menu items such as "Man Cave Fries" and a "Buffalo Breath Chicken Salad," has 15 locations in Indiana and plans for national expansion.

Meanwhile in Texas, staff at a popular burger chain have the ability to present customers with a (negligible) "Best Butt" discount.