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Watch: Everything You Need to Know About Making Tequila

It isn't easy

Having already concocted a tasty wheat beer, the How to Make Everything team is ready for another challenge in its new alcohol series. In the latest episode of How to Brew Everything, host Andy George learns what it takes to make his own mezcal and tequila.

The episode is broken down into three parts. First, George learns how mezcal is made and samples the beverage for the first time. In Part 2, the host focuses specifically on tequila, which is a type of mezcal, and harvests his own agave plants that are necessary to make the liquor. Finally, he learns the process of roasting agave, extracting the juices, fermenting them, and then distilling and aging the substance into tequila. In the end, George learns the beverage is much more than a spring break shooter.

"Now that I've seen the entire process and what goes into it, it's definitely a drink you can savor and enjoy," George says in the video. "It's not something that, like, most people would think to take a shot with lime and salt, and they don't even taste it."