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Steve Dykes/Getty Images

A man in Washington is making a name for himself by doing the unthinkable in these uncertain times for one beleaguered fast-casual chain: Devin Cunningham is on a mission to eat Chipotle every day for 366 days, and at day 315, he's nearing the end of quite a ride, according to Q13 Fox.

Cunningham started his quest on July 24, 2015, just a few months before the Denver-based chain was hit with an outbreak of E. coli and had to close down 43 of its locations in the Pacific Northwest — including Bellevue, where Cunningham lives. He would not be deterred, however, and pressed on, resorting to trips to Canada to stock up on burritos during the closures and rationing the meals to suit his needs.

Cunningham's purpose for completing this quest isn't some stunt to prove the viability of the chain — his reasons are fitness-driven.

"I want to show people that they can be fit while still enjoying the food they love," Cunningham wrote in a note on Facebook. He's standing up against the craze of crash dieting by demonstrating that people can reach their fitness goals without giving up life's greatest food treasures, which for him encompass the entire Chipotle menu. "Also, many people said I was going to get fat and sick, so I wanted to prove them wrong," he wrote.

He managed to steer clear of food-related illness during the peak of the outbreak, and remains loyal to the chain even as Chipotle attempts to navigate steep sales declineswin back customers, and reboot its image.