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Here's What the Cleveland Cavaliers Are Eating to Prep for the NBA Finals

Roasted vegetables, salmon, and chicken sausage gumbo are on the menu

Instagram/Terry Bell

Reprising their role as Eastern Conference champions and heading into the NBA Finals for the second year in a row, the Cleveland Cavaliers are fueled for a fight with the Golden State Warriors, and poised for a championship.

With two of the best players in the game — LeBron James and Steph Curry — on opposite sides of the court, there's a chance this repeat matchup could come down to more than just basketball skills, and in the food department, the Cavs may have the upper hand when it comes to pre-game meals.

The team's chef, Terry Bell, has been posting Instagram photos of the health-conscious meals he cooks for the players to get them in shape. The latest meal is a glorious spread of roasted veggies, fish, and chicken, as Stack reported. Kevin Love shared some of his usual meals too, including things like grilled chicken breast, yams, rice and salad, as well as almond butter and applesauce to round out his diet.

What's on today's menu? Roasted Brussel Sprouts, Quinoa, Brandy-lime-Agave Salmon & Chicken Piccata

A photo posted by Terry Bell (@clecavschef) on

In the past, Bell has prepared items like veggie quinoa, grilled honey-lime salmon, and chicken sausage gumbo for the team, per Cleveland 19. Bell also produces recipe videos in case fans want to partake in the healthy cooking.

(Maybe no one should tell Bell about Kyrie Irving's partnership with Krispy Kreme.)