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Watch: How a Sandwich Once Threatened a Space Mission

It has to do with the crumb factor

One of America's moon walkers — space-style, not MJ-style — once nearly jeopardized a space flight by smuggling his own corned beef sandwich onto a shuttle. In the 1960s, astronaut John Young brought the contraband sandwich on a mission and attempted to eat it.

Space food is notoriously thought of as unappetizing, streamlined into packaging for easy consumption, and optimized to avoid free-floating crumbs. The dreaded particles can sneak into the nooks and crannies of the shuttle and cause problems for the machinery. As such, Young's unauthorized sandwich made NASA and the U.S. Congress pretty angry and earned him a reprimand. Nevertheless, his space career continued, and he went on to walk on the moon.

Space food has come a long way since Young's day. Astronaut Leland Melvin once demonstrated the fun of eating in space, and British chef Heston Blumenthal was even recently commissioned to craft a special meal for consumption on the International Space Station, which included a sought after bacon sandwich.