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Shake Shack's New Burger; Starbucks' Secret Pink Drink

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Five things to know today

Liz Clayman for Shake Shack

Starting tomorrow, Shake Shack locations across the land are serving two new menu items (as first reported last month): a bacon cheddar cheeseburger and a blueberry pie concrete. Have a look at the burger up above, coated in white cheddar sauce, and here's what the blueberry pie concrete and milkshake look like:

[Photo: Evan Sung for Shake Shack]

— New food emoji alert: This week, the Unicode Technical Committee (UTC) — otherwise known as the group that designs and approves new emoji and special digital characters for the web and mobile — voted in a new set of food-related emoji (which were first introduced last November) including: a kiwi, avocado, potato, carrot, cucumber, peanut, croissant, baguette, stack of pancakes, bacon, pita sandwich, whole egg, paella, green salad, and a glass of milk. They'll be released later this month.

— Congratulations to Eater contributor Joshua David Stein who was recently named Editor-at-Large at Tasting Table.

— A new art exhibit called Bytes spotlights photos of food posted to Instagram. The gallery explains: "These are photos that seem to exist solely for the purpose of Instagram viewing, yet taken out of the context of a smartphone screen, they are eye-catchingly beautiful on their own." This reminds us that Alton Brown's new book will be shot entirely on the iPhone.

Starbucks is serving a new pink-colored drink that's a combination of its Açai Refresher (an iced berry-flavored green tea) and coconut milk. You have to order the iced tea and ask to add coconut milk because the beverage isn't officially on the menu, but perhaps this is the unofficial drink of summer 2016?

— Finally, a taste test of nitro coffee: