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Cocoa Powder Is the New Ecstasy, Apparently

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The weirdest club drug craze of the moment

Jonathan Reyes/Flickr

MDMA is so 2002. European club-goers are now snorting lines of chocolate to get high and dance the night away to banging techno, reports noted rave authority the Daily Mail.

According to the people who claim this is a good idea, snorting cocoa "provides a rush of endorphins into your bloodstream which can fuel feelings of euphoria, especially when coupled with dance music." (So like ecstasy, with a better flavor and minus the terrible emotional hangover?)

The chocolate-snorting phenomenon can perhaps be traced back to a Belgian chocolatier named Dominique Persoone, who invented a chocolate-sniffing device back in 2007 for a Rolling Stones party. (Gives new meaning to the phrase "nose candy," am I right?) Persoone's mixture of choice for putting up your nose includes Dominican or Peruvian cocoa powder combined with mint and ginger. How invigorating.

Now, the trend has apparently migrated to clubs, with dedicated chocolate-sniffing fueled dance parties being held in cities like Berlin. One rave organizer says to prepare for a long night of revelry, she mixes 18 pounds of cocoa powder "with honey, agave syrup and cinnamon," which frankly sounds painful. Proceed with caution, and remember kids, always know your dealer.

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